Independent Escort Paris

Hi, I’m Ève.

At last, we meet. 

Day-time artist and night-time muse: perhaps it’s for this reason I made Paris my home. I couldn’t find a better fit for my sharp wit and bon vivant spirit. As a writer (I’ll spare you the flowery prose), creativity and curiosity have always been my driving forces. From the skyline of Singapore to the jungle in Brazil, I’ve collected about forty passport stamps and even more colourful stories to share. Always with a twinkle in my eyes, I bring along a refreshing sense of playfulness.

It will come as no surprise to you that I centre my life around pleasure — my journey as a companion being one aspect of it.

I’m sought out by a small circle of loyal kindred spirits I care deeply about, who value my ability to bring them lightness and a renewed sense of freedom. It’s hardly unconventional, but life is meant to be savoured. Sometimes, you just need a pretty blonde with a wicked smile to remind you of that.
It all makes up a combination difficult to resist, and I hope you won’t. An adventurous romantic and self-confessed sensualist, I pair well with generous lovers ready to give and receive fully. An ambitious dare, but a worthy one. First-date euphoria layered with the ease you feel from a close confidant: we should share it all. 

Independent Escort Paris
There is always more than meets the eye. However, I am sure about one thing: seduction is a dance that starts with few words. Unexpected encounters can lead to memorable adventures. Let’s forget about the rest and indulge in this special opportunity, shall we?

quick facts

food – Japanese, French, Italian

drink –  espresso martini

flowers – peonies

hobbies – yoga, writing, learning languages, painting, jigsaw puzzles, food tour & tasting 

topic of interest – interior design, film photography, wellness & longevity, psychology, ancient cultures, classical arts 

favourite books – there’s not enough space for them here!

favourite holiday place – Italy, South Africa

dream trip – Japan 

music – classic country, bossa nova, English rock, jazz



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