Independent Escort Paris
Independent Escort Paris

Paris Independent Escort | Luxury Dinner Date and Travel Companion | High End Courtesan and GFE Paramour | Escort française indépendante | Based in Paris and available worldwide Paris Independent Escort

An introduction with THE 5 Ws

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but I’m one of those who want it all, so I wrote them anyway.

PART ONE – THE « WHO » is Ève

An artist one day, and a muse another… Perhaps it is for this reason I made Paris my home. I went on many adventures but couldn’t find a better fit than the City of Light. As a romantic flâneur, the local clichés suit me. As you’ll understand from my prose a bit too flowery, I am a writer. A shy writer: I hold my pen like the arm of a lover and I blush when nice words spring out of it. 

My appreciation for the arts is expansive, a testament to my inquisitive nature and hunger for discovery. Cerebral and creative, I enjoy going deep into literature, psychology, foreign cultures, and other more or less nerdy subjects that tickle my mind. I like nothing more than a sharp repartee and poor puns, preferably exchanged at the same time over a bit too much bubbly.


I promise I won’t mind if you skip to the gallery

I live fast-paced for all sorts of pleasure: baking with my favourite history podcast on, people-watching at a café, getting lost in a museum, planning my next adventure abroad. I’ve always been a free spirit who embraces the spontaneous and the unexpected in life. From the skyline of Singapore to the jungle in Brazil, I’ve collected as many passport stamps as bold stories to share. Sweet, down-to-earth and endearingly bubbly, I bring along a refreshing sense of playfulness that calls for breathless laughters, and people are always surprised how comfortable they feel around me.

A perfectionist through and through, I spend too much time wondering if my e-mails have enough exclamation marks, I make sure my coffee is as black as it gets, and I always keep small change in my purse to pay to the exact penny. But despite an elegant presentation, I’m not one to take myself too seriously. I’ve kept the genuiness and warmth of people who grew up around nature. Naturally a social introvert, I prefer a countryside escape for two or sharing a glass of wine with friends at sunset, rather than flashy and crowded places.

High End Independent Companion Paris

PART TWO – THE « WHAT » does she look like

I am lithe with a delicate petite silhouette à la Audrey Hepburn and a timeless air of femininity. My features are reminiscent of Nordic beauties with opaline skin and disarming aquamarine eyes. They often sparkle with excitement and got me quite a few poems. All natural, I prefer a natural glow over heavy make-up. Daily vinyasa yoga and other intense workouts have sculpted subtle lines over my body, equal parts strong and soft to the touch.

Impeccably dressed and impeccable undressed, it all makes up a combination difficult to resist. And I hope you won’t, because I have a big appetite: for longer breakfasts in bed, for flirtatious banters over the dinner table, and for passionate escapes in between

High End Independent Companion Paris

PART THREE – THE « WHY » is she here

Whether we experience the best restaurants or we are waiting for room service snuggled up in bed, I believe small things matter the most: an invitation given with the eyes, the sound of laughter and a cheeky smile. Wine awakens our senses and we are free to unwind, hidden in a world of our own. Few things come close to the pleasures of connecting in a real way. Creating an intimate space, finding that special spark and finally letting go — this is what it is all about.


First dates euphoria and adrenaline, layered with the ease you feel from a close confidant: we should share it all.


Well, that’s up to you to tell me. There is always more than meets the eye. However, I am sure about one thing: seduction is a dance that starts with a few words. Whether we count our time together in hours or months, unexpected encounters can lead to memorable adventures. Let’s forget about the rest and indulge in this special opportunity, shall we?

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