The finer details









Fluent in

Dressing style

Mid 20s

5’5″ (166cm)

US 0, XS

7.5 (38)

Ocean blue

Dark blonde, highlighted



English, French

Understated elegance, minimal make-up

The finer details

Age — Mid 20s

Height — 5’6″ (167cm)

Size — US 0, XS

Shoes — 7.5 (38)

Eyes — Ocean blue

Hair — Dark blonde, highlighted

Tattoos — None

Fluent in English, French

Style — Understated elegance, minimal make-up

Frequently asked

Ha, the age old question! Each encounter is unique and can’t be summed up in just a few words… but we’ll call it « the girlfriend experience » for the sake of SEO ;). I believe few things equal the pleasures of connecting in a real way. I seek to create the thrills of a successful first date, with the ease you feel with a close confident. I tend to favour longer dates as it helps bringing that special spark without rushing, and my rates are skewed to reflect that preference.

Before any first date in Paris, I ask new friends to send me one of the following:

  • your LinkedIn profile, professional e-mail address/website, or something else of the sort
  • references from other companions
  • a deposit

Rest assured, I take your privacy very seriously and everything stays in-between us. Your information will be deleted after a first successful date. This only ensures me you are well intentioned, and serious about meeting.

I am always passeport-ready for a new adventure; perhaps you can help me get a new stamp on it? 

Paris being my base, travelling around is easy. I can meet you in Europe for 14h+ dates, or outside for 48h+. Screening or references, a deposit and covering the transportation fees is necessary to secure our time together. Please reach out for a specific quote.

Sometimes there’s a flood in your kitchen, a distant relative gets sick, your dog ate your homework… I understand, life happens. Please let me know early and we can reschedule our date.

If you need to cancel one day or less before our date, I expect you to still honour our agreement for the organisation and time I kept just for you; with 50% of the agreed envelope. 

Giifts are never expected but always appreciated, so if you are looking to make my day: thank you! Flowers, books from La Pléaide, or gift cards (for spa days, Glamuse, Ulysse…) are always good options. Otherwise, you can check my wishlist for more specific items and directly send me something there.


slowing down around omakase – empty museums, lively cafés – getting lost in conversation and each other’s eyes – dark humour comedy shows – crisp champagne bubbles – midnight kisses – film photography – pilates – lace lingerie under silk shirts – thoughtful gifts